Guillaumette, Genepi

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Region: France (Hautes-Alpes)
Producer: Bernard-Reymond family

Type: Spirit
Size: 70CL

The liqueur of Genépi Guillaumette is produced in an artisanal way, by maceration, which gives it so much aroma and its beautiful color. Its authentic craftsmanship has been passed on to the heart of the Bernard-Reymond family for several generations. The Guillaumette workshop and shop are located in the heart of the Hautes-Alpes, just a stone’s throw from the Ecrins National Park where the genépi blades are harvested.

Génépi is an alpine flower that is used in the base of many herbal aperitif/digistif liqueurs including, we suspect, Chartreuse. Buttery like chamomile and bitter like wormwood, it is complex and refreshing at the same time. Though we love it on its own, it can easily work its way into cocktails as it works beautifully with gin and does amazing things when paired with tequila.

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