Chateau Minuty, 281, 2022

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Region: Cote de Provence, France
Producer: Chateau Minuty
Vintage: 2022
Grape: Grenache, Syrah
Type: Rose
Size: 75cl
A blush pink with intense and joyful aromas. The initial aroma is a delicate combination of citrus, tropical fruit and white blackcurrant which makes way for an explosion of aromas bursting with complex white fruit, vine peach, salty, spicy and white pepper notes. A scent made in heaven melts into a dreamy mouthfeel enhanced by the wine’s body and intense grip.
Food Pairing: It serves well with premium shellfish like roasted lobster, rock lobster in banana leaf or cooked in a scallop risotto. Spicy dishes like Peking duck for its sweet and sour flavour, beef curry for its fragrant spices or delicious yakitori grilled with its sweet sauce. Summery salads served with lobster, avocado and grapefruit quarters. Sophisticated berry desserts.


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